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Updated Monday, March 15, 2021

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Our members get special discounts on events, lessons and goodies like sounds and scores.

Members can take 50% off this wonderful Toddler/Parent Music Discovery Class!
Members can take 50% off this wonderful Madrigal Singing Class!
Members can take 50% off this wonderful Improv Class! (Think of Alan Arkin meeting Jackie Mac!)

We are flexibe. If you are really broke due to the pandemic or any other reasons, please state your case and put in a "Pay What You Can" amount. Please put your discount in the amount field and let us know you are a member.

Please join now for just $20 for 2020-2021.

When you buy a 2020-2021 membership, you are helping us make the necessary roof repairs which were not covered by insurance after the 2018 Weymouth Fire. If you like writing checks rather than PayPal, please make out to "Mazel Musical Arts Society" and drop at any RBC bank or in the post at Box 418, Weymouth, NS B0W 3T0
We thank you in advance! Much appreciated!

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More information about our organization

We are in the early stages of musically transforming our communities in rural Nova Scotia. We wish everyone with talent to be able to explore their full creative potential using techniques I have learned as a long time professional jazz musician. My experience is directly through the heritage of having studied with noted jazz masters, Jackie McLean, Jaki Byard (associated with Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy) and Joe Viola (former head of Woodwinds at Berklee College of Music).
My emphasis at the studio is on musical literacy and practical methods for learning improvisation, especially Jazz improvisation and ensemble arranging.
I am currently holding 1 on 1 virtual lessons and lessons at the studio at $45 per hour as listed on the website.
To rent the green screen room with an audio/visual engineer is currently listed at $250 per hour (minimum booking is for 4 hours, with first and last hour free, so a complete recording/broadcast session is for the low price of $500).

We have onsite for your use:

  1. Drum Set
  2. 3 sets of Wenger choral risers
  3. Vibraharp
  4. Electric Piano
  5. Electric Bass
  6. 4 student iPads with digital audio recording software and scoring software pre-installed for use in studio
  7. Large shared display
  8. Multiple Hi Fi microphones
  9. Powered mixer and headsets
  10. Shared wifi network with multiple midi interfaces
  11. Broadcasting application software to YouTube, FaceBook and others
  12. Finale, Sibelius and Notion Scoring applications
  13. SmartMusic
  14. Max MSP
  15. Ableton Live (DAW)
  16. MOTU Digital Performer (DAW)
  17. Cubasis (Daw)
  18. Large sampling libraries with authentic sounding virtual instruments
  19. Other esoteric algorithmic music applications from MIT and elsewhere
We plan on holding ad-hoc occasional online group workshops and can host your personalized workshops here for a 20% of door (donation) fee. I also teach privately using Smart Music software, which allows students and teachers a wide range of musical practice and assessment tools.
Do You Know What it Means - Lead Sheet

Working Man Blues - King Oliver, c. 1923

Joseph Nathan Oliver (December 19, 1885 - April 10, 1938) better known as King Oliver or Joe Oliver, was an American jazz cornet player and bandleader. He was particularly recognized for his playing style and his pioneering use of mutes in jazz. Also a notable composer, he wrote many tunes still played today, including "Dippermouth Blues", "Sweet Like This", "Canal Street Blues", and "Doctor Jazz". He was the mentor and teacher of Louis Armstrong. His influence was such that Armstrong claimed, "if it had not been for Joe Oliver, Jazz would not be what it is today."

Listen to Joe "King" Oliver~1923~Working Man Blues
Working Man Blues - King Oliver c. 1923 - Score
Working Man Blues - King Oliver - Bass Drum
Working Man Blues - King Oliver - Snare Drum
Working Man Blues - King Oliver - Tuba
Working Man Blues - King Oliver - Trumpet
Working Man Blues - King Oliver - Tenor Sax
Working Man Blues - King Oliver - Clarinet

Bells for Duncan - Chamber Music for Bass Clarinet, Voice, Vibes/Concert Bells, Trombone.

Bells for Duncan - Score (Updated 7/12/19)
Bells for Duncan - Voice (Updated 7/12/19)
Bells for Duncan - Bass Clarinet (Updated 7/12/19)
Bells for Duncan - Trombone (Updated 7/12/19)
Bells for Duncan - Concert Bells
Bells for Duncan - Concert Bells Sound Track as MP3 (Updated 7/12/19)
Bells for Duncan - Concert Bells w Click Sound Track as MP3 (Updated 7/12/19)
Bells for Duncan - Concert Bells w Click Sound Track w Markers as MP3 - All Rehearsal Letters have Rhythmic cues (Updated 7/14/19)
Bells for Duncan - Vibraharp

Fighting Regime Change - Bossa Nova for Clarinet, Guitar, Cello, Bass and three percussion.

For another marching band? Maybe...

Fighting Regime Change - Bossa Nova - MP3 render from Finale 26.1
Fighting Regime Change - Bossa Nova - Score
Fighting Regime Change - Bossa Nova - Clarinet
Fighting Regime Change - Bossa Nova - Guitar
Fighting Regime Change - Bossa Nova - Bass
Fighting Regime Change - Bossa Nova - Cello
Fighting Regime Change - Bossa Nova - Cabasa
Fighting Regime Change - Bossa Nova - Guiro
Fighting Regime Change - Bossa Nova - Tambourine

Voyage, by Stan Getz, Score

The 2nd link version of Joe Avery Blues w Wynton and Ali is a bit too fast. This Trombone Shorty Joe Avery Blues I think is better, though we could also really rock this one as an even slower drag 2nd line Blues march. Also, A Closer Walk w Thee we can do a bit faster than the link sent with more of a straight gospel feel. This Al Hirt version is about right for tempo and feel. I will find some alternative versions and send along to the band soon. So I understand it, no Tuesday rehearsals but early evenings are good, TBD. If everyone learns the melody and the form and plays with feeling we will all make it happen. Best to have fun first, working on the music with the idea of serious play. Keep in touch. Contract mailed already. We now have the green light. Here is that Circular marching band I was talking about, for the future - if we could ever get a sponsor! Can you imagine this live sculpture for parades? How about two of them?

Some notes about Makalapua - Quotes from Queen Lili`uokalani

I found this song to be very nice for a march. It sways.

I would like to dedicate this song to both Duncan and the people who are experiencing the western and any form of regime change all over the world.

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