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What Interests You Survey - 2016 - 2021

We are conducting a small survey to see what students are interested in both the community here in Weymouth, Nova Scotia and from other areas. We offer musical courses, music improvisational acting courses and computer programming language skills. Sometimes we combine all three streams into one project. We want all our students to become musically literate and experience the best qualities in musicianship through study and collaboration. There are 10 questions in this survey.
Your answers are anonymous unless you wish to identify yourself. The data we collect is for internal use, to help bring you better quality programs, and to help us determine where are funding goals may best be served.

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Survey FAQ

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Mazel Musical Arts is located at 4614 Hwy 1, Weymouth in the Old RBC Bank
Mazel Musical Arts is located at the old RBC Bank, in Weymouth, Nova Scotia!
1. Where are you setting up the school? Canada. 2. What age levels are your target? High School to adults. Mixed generation classes. 3. Are you setting up accredited government recognized computer/music courses?  First run of my school will be unaccredited, seeking accreditation in the next 2 to 3 years. I will be operating the musical portion of my school in the tradition of my Hartt College music teachers, Jazz Masters Jaki Byard and Jackie McLean and what I learned at the Berklee College of Music.
I also teach from what I have learned in the art of improvisation from the writings of Alan Arkin. Our music classes will focus on music literacy, with different techniques of music notation, composition, arrangement, film scoring and improvisation.  As for the computer/technical side, I will be using my own experiences of over 30+ years of professional computer programming, augmented with online educational classes like Lynda.com through a projector and sound system using multiple laptops and iPads.
4. How long is the entire program? 2 years? 4 years? or are you looking at enrichment courses that would complement existing primary and secondary education?  The programs will be project based enrichment and proficiency courses lasting about 4 to 6 weeks each for class sizes of up to 12 in 1 room. I will offer certificates of completion for each project. A sample project could be a small film scoring assignment, where, given a quicktime movie, students will learn how to add an orchestral music background and perhaps dialog sound track and re-master film to a DVD. Another sample project would be to write some Ruby or Python code to interact with a web server to read, write, delete and report on table records in an MySQL database.
5. What is your over-all vision for your students? What do you expect the person to be after he or she has undergone learning experiences in your school?  I have an over-all vision to enrich the lives of people through musical arts, with an emphasis on technical proficiency in their instruments and/or voices, musical writing and reading skill. Since Jazz is an exercise in democratic ideals, it serves people well in developing their human potential. As for computer science, I want to help my students become experts in programming computers, especially in preparing for the cloud based computing experience and job opportunities that are presently arising. Students who are completing projects at my school will have more opportunities and confidence to be creative and individual thinkers who will gain the ability to work well with others to help create a more vibrant society.
6. In terms of branding, what would distinguish your school and your graduates from similar learning institutions?  Technologically up to date, acoustically beautiful creative space in an architecturally historically significant setting, with caring teachers who will inspire and bring students to new and higher levels of musical and technical awareness by practical hands on advanced applications in the musical and computer arts.
Please take this short survey so we can better serve you. What courses are you interested in taking at Mazel Musical Arts Society?S'il vous plaît prendre cette courte enquête afin que nous puissions mieux vous servir.  Quels sont les cours qui vous intéressent chez Mazel Musical Arts Society?