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Update on Weymouth Fire - Saturday, September 8, 2018

Friends, family and loved ones.

Recovering is slow but moving forward. This was a very bad fire. Today I am grateful and feeling very lucky to be alive. I am still seriously wondering why I was spared, it was so close. Sleeping in the second floor bedroom with the window open, I thought I was dreaming, as the massive fire sounded to me like summer rain. I started taking images at 4:50 am, after getting out through our basement. Front doors were too hot to open. When people say seconds count it is absolutely true. I spoke with the Fire Chief Roy Mullen and he said the call came in at 4:20 AM. Sadly, there were no hoses that I could see on our houses or the fire at 4:50 AM. The two historic buildings across from me burned to the ground. The owner of the old Campbell Store, Randy Sabean, told me there was no electricity turned on at the building. Very sketchy. Many in our little village are in shock. Here is the link to my iCloud album.

Warning: these photos are disturbing. All photos are mine except one by Justin Maclean, who was renting across the street in the Fairmiles Building, which burned to the ground. I have asked Justin to please send us the time stamp.

There is also a short video that our communication assistant Kat Kovalenko took a few days after the fire on Facebook We have insurance, but I am sure it cannot cover everything lost. I will be staying for this week next door at the Goodwin Hotel.

Gregg Mazel, founder, Mazel Musical Arts Society
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Our school is housed in the historic RBC Bank building in Weymouth, Nova Scotia, to which we have devoted the last 2 and 1/2 years updating and preserving, adding to historical community values. This beautifully understated 1906 building is one of the first Royal Banks of Canada (RBC) in Nova Scotia. The building was designed as one of the last commissions of J.C. Dumaresq Dumaresq legacy. DuMaresq was also the principal designer of the famous Dingle Tower in Halifax, NS, historically significant among many other of DuMaresq's architecturally significant buildings. Everybody in the area knows it as "the Old Bank." Besides being a wonderful space to look at, we find that it is also acoustically magnificent. We continually receive compliments and congratulations that we are restoring it and making it available to the community. For historians and the public interest, we have copies of the original blueprints onsite.


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