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All my students should be studying this rehearsal of Ornette Coleman. When I met drummer Ed Blackwell in New Orleans, and sat in with him at Lu and Charlie's back in the 70's, I was just beginning to understand the important idea of "letting go of methods" when playing with other musicians. Very powerful concepts here! Cue this video around 12:40 for Ornette's concept explained. And later on at around 15:30, speaking of trying to lose the traditional bass and drum as background function, Ornette says at 17:20, "If you cut loose the method we'll have stone presence!"

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Please tell your friends that Gregg Mazel is now available for professional musical copyist services and audio/video production work. THANKS!

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From a concert I played in with the Clarinova Quartet, where they debuted one of my compositions, Honchoshi Sketches for Clarinets. It seems so long ago. I'm glad I recorded it.

Honchoshi Sketches
Classical Concert - Live at the Music Room
Gregg Mazel - Bass Clarinet
Patricia Madden - Clarinet
Vasana Abeysekera - Clarinet
George Schmid - Clarinet

Halifax, NS - January 31, 2015
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Susan Crowe Kitchen Party!

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We have insurance, but I am sure it cannot cover everything lost.

Update on the August 29th Weymouth Fire

If you'd like to help Mazel Musical Arts to recover from the fire damage, here's the link to our Go Fund Me account:
We also need letters of support to send to our insurance agent Clare Mutual, stating that we need positive action on our building as it affects not just our organization, but also the resident artists who teach here.
Sample Artist Support Letter
Our mailing address is Mazel Musical Arts, Box 418, Weymouth, NS B0W 3T0
Thank you!

-Gregg Mazel, founder, Mazel Musical Arts Society

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Our school is housed in the historic RBC Bank building in Weymouth, Nova Scotia, to which we have devoted the last 3 years updating and preserving, adding to historical community values. This beautifully understated 1906 building is one of the first Royal Banks of Canada (RBC) in Nova Scotia. The building was designed as one of the last commissions of J.C. Dumaresq Dumaresq legacy. DuMaresq was also the principal designer of the famous Dingle Tower in Halifax, NS, historically significant among many other of DuMaresq's architecturally significant buildings. Everybody in the area knows it as "the Old Bank." Besides being a wonderful space to look at, we find that it is also acoustically magnificent. We continually receive compliments and congratulations that we are restoring it and making it available to the community. For historians and the public interest, we have copies of the original blueprints onsite.


Our studio is temporarily closed due to the Weymouth fire on August 29, 2018
Please call us at 902-586-2023

We are a volunteer organization with expenses. Our donations page is secure and we use the latest encryption standards with PayPal.
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If you wish to remain anonymous for your donation just email us.
Email for such correspondence is board[@] (please remove brackets around the @ sign before emailing)
If you feel more comfortable writing a check, please make it payable to Mazel Musical Arts Society and drop it off at any RBC bank or send it to Box 418, Weymouth Nova Scotia B0W 3T0 CANADA.
We will send you a receipt by Canada Post. Thank you!